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How to Help You

Since learning and understanding ACEs-created traumatic events and why we are the way we are it has become my mission and passion to help you and so many others to understand how to eliminate and reduce the flow on affects from the trauma of so long ago.


… rises to expose and create character traits in the adult that can devastate and destroy relationships and lives.

These character traits range in variety from anxiety, and depression, through to frustration and anger.

There are simple and easy techniques that can change the trajectory of someone’s life to be happy again.

It is important that ACEs-created traumatic events sufferers and those fortunate enough not to be a victim create an awareness of why things are happening.

1 on 1 Coaching

Quite often the subconscious mind will use its strength to keep you in your comfort zone (the thoughts that you have been living with until now) so having support will ensure that you continue until you settle into the new routine.

Also, there will be times when life will throw a curved ball so support is beneficial to help you get through when things become tough.

Workshops & Group Zoom Sessions

Dream Creator Workshops & Group Zoom Sessions are great ways to realise connect to others who are on their new journey.

There is time to talk about any wins and wonderful, synchronicities that members have experienced and it’s amazing how soon the changes can occur.

Another bonus when working on clearing limiting beliefs is how things begin to manifest so quickly and having others around helps to increase the energies!

During both programs, there is dedicated time for how to manifest and increase our fortune.

For more information click on the picture below.

dream creator workshop will help you overcome traumatic events

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