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My Dream Box


As a teen, the world shows itself in so many layers so it can be confusing as to what to do, what to attend to and focus on first.

These ‘layers’ can come with a force that can seriously affect the emotional state where one day, the state of happiness can do a complete flip and it feels as though no-one understands.

My Dream Box has tools that are well known, so for the teen it’s a great start to assist with understanding those emotions all the while remembering to continue to build on visions, dreams and goals to create a magical feeling. 

If you would like to purchase more than one, please contact me to discuss shipping discounts.

My Dream Box:

  • Assists with focusing on life’s priorities
  • More experiences of happiness and feeling love
  • Increases positivity
  • Uniquely & personally energised by the holder
  • A pretty reusable box to privately store their personal ‘happiness’ items
  • Free access to an endless support to understanding the included tools
  • Insights into what’s new or trending


Please Note: This is a non refundable product/service. 

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