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Little Miss Wish Kit


There is so much living to do and to a young person they are innocent to everything in the world until it shows itself unexpectedly in a confusing negative manner.

Negative experiences can come in force that can seriously affect the emotional state.

One day it’s all rosy and the next moment a shocking and emotional incident can occur creating confusion, frustration and sadness.

The Little Miss Wish Kit has tools that are well known items suitable for a young person so it’s a great way to help them to re-focus on their imagination – visions, dreams and goals which creates happines and sunshine in their world.

Seeing a loved one smiling is instant gratification!

If you would like to purchase more than one, please contact me to discuss shipping discounts.

Little Miss Wish Kit:

  • Brings fun and fantasy back into the world
  • Assists with focusing on life’s happy moments
  • More experiences of feeling loved
  • Increases positivity
  • Uniquely & personally energised by the holder
  • A pretty reusable box to privately store their personal ‘happiness’ items
  • Free access to an endless support to understanding the included tools
  • Insights into what’s new or trending


Please Note: This is a non refundable product/service. 

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