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My Gift to You

My Dream Box is all about helping you to make your dreams, visions and goals come true and to raise happiness in your world. It is my gift to you.

Sometimes it’s the little things that is all that you need to keep going so below are little gifts.

It’s all about making the journey that little bit easier as we want you to achieve your goals and succeed.

Below you will find some resources & gifts that can do just that – make it easier.

My Dream Box Guide

Now that you have your very own My Dream Box or Little Miss Wish Kit, this little book will give you an understanding of how the tools that came inside can help you on your journey of achieving your dreams and goals.

While on your journey, focusing and keeping your special visions helps to keep you smiling and happy.

The Guide is full of information and inspiration plus you can go even deeper on any of the tools.

It’s about experiencing how you feel about each of them so there is easy access to lots more information and this can help you.

MDBx TIP:  Happy Thoughts

Whenever you realise that your mind is thinking of anything negative it’s time to refocus your mind about what you love and what makes you smile.

Do you love to hug a pet or favourite toy or someone special?

Do you love to go somewhere special?

Can you remember experiencing something that lit up your face?

Whatever it is that excites you is what you focus on to clear those negative thoughts that are swirling around in your mind.

While it does take practice just like Olympic athletes have to practise, so does making a regular habit of thinking about something that was fantastic, that makes you smile and your heart sing.

The more you practise the better and easier it will become.

Tip: don’t get upset with yourself when you notice the negative thoughts. Just shrug it off and focus on those happy thoughts.

Tip: Never give up

My Dream Card

Get your own My Dream Card Free now!

If you would like to change your current and most important dream, you can download the My Dream Card (front and back) so you can carry your most important message with you every day. Click on this card.

My Dream Box

If you don’t have a My Dream Box or a Little Miss Wish Kit take a look at how it can help you hold on to those wishes and dreams you have for your future and add happiness into your heart.

Click on the picture below.

My Dream Journal

One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to help you focus on your dreams and visions of what you want is to make a commitment to spend time, just a few minutes on them every day.

My Dream Journal is the perfect solution.

My Gift to You

It’s exciting when you think about what you’d like your life to be!

  • To travel everywhere in the world and taking photos of iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.
  • Become the world’s best singer and see yourself as a multi-talented woman like Lady Gaga.
  • Maybe it’s to make dancing your whole life and being part of some of the biggest shows world wide.
  • Your deep love of fashion, hair and make-up has always got you re-designing your clothes and wardrobe.
  • Plus following the latest hair and make-up trends so Paris and London is where you want to be.

So write about your dreams and goals in great detail and you’ll find that more detail will come to mind.

It can be so easy to lose sight of your dreams and wishes when you are going through very emotional times.

If you allow yourself to forget, you can sometimes feel very alone and lost so these items just might help you to get through it so you focus again on what you want.

The sooner you begin, the easier it is to get back on track to achieve happiness and those dreams.

Belive and be Positive!

Donna Arnold

How to build confidence

For more FREE inspiration and build self confidence click on the My Dream Box card below.

Start to build on happiness NOW so you can focus on achieving your dreams and wishes to live and become happier people.

Get access to lots of free meditations, stories, Tips, ideas of how you can start immediately.

Here it is! My Gift to You.

Step 1 starts right now. My gift to you – simply click the My Dream Box card below.

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