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Get What You Want

Welcome to the My Dream Box Membership page.

Claim Your Dreams

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claim your dreams is a MyDreamBox membership


The Claim Your Dreams membership is a major part of the My Dream Box membership. It offers great value where you will change your world to be, do, have the things that you have always wanted.

There’s fun in the zoom group sessions, 1 on 1 private strategy chat and of course focusing on YOU so you can change the trajectory of your world!

The Magic of Manifesting program, is full of ways and ideas of how to KICK START YOUR new way of thinking; and it’s all so simple and easy. There’s more detail inside.

As well as what’s on the list below, there are so many more ways create a HAPPY life in all the aspects that you desire.


  • Instant access – Magic of Manifesting program
  • FREE 20 minute 1 on 1 personal strategy chat to talk about YOU & what your next focus is.
  • MONEY MASTERY component
  • 2 x monthly Group Zoom Sessions with immediate manifesting opportunities, to have fun, to chat with others & understand more
  • Claim Your Dreams website Access to links, tools and other modalities to keep you moving toward your dreams & desires

The Introductory $7/month membership is only available for a short while.  Once you have joined you will remain on the introductory price for as long as you remain a financial member.

BUT… If you’d like to make the most of it and want a complete package with all BENEFITS for no extra, upgrade yourself!


BUT WAIT! There’s more!

The Advancing your membership gives you more opportunities to hone in on your manifesting therefore more opportunites to achieve what you want.

It includes all of the great fun and ideas above as in the monthly Claim Your Dreams membership plus the Loyalty program and the Last Man Standing Challenge. Psst! (don’t forget to ask me about this). Both are EXCLUSIVE to the upgraded membership only.

The best news is: It’s only $84/ year! Yes – exactly the same as the monthly. You’ll pay it once and not have to worry about it again for another 12 months.

Here’s the thing. The VALUE is approx.10 times more!

Check it out now! Click on the Crystal Ball above or here.

More Than Dreams

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more than dreams is a mydreambox membership


The ‘More than Dreams’ free membership gives you Free Access to multiple modalities.

All have been recommended to be well worth experiencing them as they will save you precious time.

There are meditations, PDFs, affirmations, videos, and podcasts all in one place to help you focus on dreams and desires as well as take the next step to attracting more money, the love that you know you deserve and/or the vocation of your dreams.

You see, it is NEVER TOO LATE to start!

You will also find instructions on how to create a Vision Board to get you started.

This component of the My Dreambox membership is the BEST value!

Why? Because it’s all FREE.

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