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MDBx Workshop

magic of rebirth by my dream box

I help the silent victims of tramatic events recognize the limiting beliefs blocking them from achieving their Dreams & Desires.

Who else would be better to help you when attending MDBx workshop?

  • I have experienced multiple traumatic events (DV, Abandonment, Alcoholism) to mention a few so I understand what you are going through and what could be holding you back.
  • Amazing results in such a short period of time!
  • Fears that held me back for decades from doing what I want have completely vanished.
  • Simple and easy techniques that are completely natural.
  • Support and guidance in person and by phone.
  • I am prepared to ‘bare all’ to show that there is no need to be ashamed.
  • You’ll no longer feel that you are alone.
  • Has a BLUE CARD? Tick!!
  • I GUARANTEE there is love, happiness and success waiting for you if you truly want it and apply the techniques as guided.

There are more personal 1 on 1 options available. Please click here.

I help the silent victims of traumatic events such as witnessing or experiencing domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, sexual abuse, constant verbal abuse, abandonment and on it goes. In fact there’s a whole gamut of situations that unfortunately, we have gone through!

girl crying by mdbx workshop

These people are living with emotional scarring & if left unattended it can cripple their future: And …

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Due to my own personal experiences I believe there is a way to minimise the devasting re-actions and to support us to live lives without the emotional baggage that can effect multiple generations. The sooner it becomes part of that person’s daily life, the less impact there is on them and possiblely their children as well.

I recall my aunts and older cousins who knew of my experiences as a little girl watched me grow up with bated breath and with fingers crossed behind their backs hoping I would be ok. Hoping I would be affected.

While I loved them very much and I am sure they did their best because they didn’t know what to say or do. Unfortunely, that was no help to me at all!

It took until I was 50 years old before I learnt and began to understand what had happened as I’d subconsciously blocked it out and I truly believe if I was given the information that I now have, the trajectory of my life and the relationships with friends and family would so much different.

My world would’ve been so much happier.

overcoming obstacles like a unicorn

I speak to audiences – people who have had traumatic experiences to expand the understanding of how simple & safe this type of technique is and how it can help you or that special person.

Do you know someone, who is currently in a wealth of emotional hurt?

We need to make this knowledge commonplace for everyone now!

The earlier this becomes part of someone who has experienced a ‘not normal’ life event, the greater the change there will be for them.

It isn’t fair that somone has to stumble upon it at middle age because usually another generation has had to suffer as well!

MDBx Dream Creator Workshop – Re-Awaken your Dreams

my dream creator workshop

The MDBx Dream Creator Workshop is a great place to start!

Understand how you can do what you have always wanted to do!

Know how to reach your goals to achieve your dreams and with consistency your journey becomes happier and happier.

Your dreams are just that – Your Dreams!

They are your creation, by you and for you so no-one can change them and only you can bring them to life to make it a reality.

Simply focusing on them is a major step to bringing them to reality.

We already know that only visions of your dreams and goals will attach with your fullest emotions.

As they say ‘You’re already 90% there. The other 10% just has to catch up.’

This workshop helps you put your dreams into reality so you can be it, feel it and physically see it and in turn it assists to strengthen your desires and more of what you want to be, do have.

It’s those small action steps along with other tips that will help to bring your dreams and goals alive.

I am that confident that if you asked any celebrity, professional sportsperson or other wealthy business owner, they all will have used some style of vision board to make their dreams a reality. They weren’t born with the dreams all ready to go.

It was a case focusing, learning and practising to get it right.

The workshop session generally runs in a morning, afternoon or evening timeslot and can be arranged to suit your personal requirements.

Click here to learn more about the MDBx Dream Creator Workshop.

Speaker at workshops, retreats & events.

Let’s chat! 

mdbx workshop
vision board by my dream box

Workshops for minors (Blue Card Equipped) and adults are commencing soon.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me for the next location.

DIY Vision Board

Perhaps you’d like to create in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

The Vision Board has ideas in the MDBx Member Freebies area.

To access this area that will continue to expand with information, tips and ideas simply purchase a 30 day MDBX My Dream Journal for only $4.97 and you will have immediate access.


The DIY Deluxe My Dream Box is about creating it yourself.

Listen to the video demonstration for simple ideas.

Deluxe My Dream Box items

It comes with BONUS & downloadable pdfs:

  • MDBx ‘I believe in myself…’ card where there is space on the back for you to write down your most important dreams and goals then carry with you every day in your pocket.
  • A list of suggested tools to add to your DIY Deluxe My Dream Box to try along with information on how they can assist you on your journey.
mdbx workshop
I believe in myself…

Watch this space for more

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