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Real Magic – He Was Right!

real magic

When I realised that what he said was right and I had the same, I was excited!

He was right!! Manifesting magic works.

I am in complete awe of what I achieved after stepping out of my comfort zone. 

And it didn’t hurt one bit!

I remember reading/listening on audible Doctor Wayne Dyer’s book Real Magic, and in it, he says that he had a repetitive dream, just every now and then, of this gorgeous frozen lake. 

He couldn’t understand why it continued to reappear over the years.

Twenty years later, he was in a northern state of the USA in the middle of winter, going for a brief walk, and through the forest, he spotted it.

It was that exact picture as his dream. That lake had materialised, manifested! 

He was in awe, knowing that the universe had shown him snippets of his future in his dreams for years earlier. 

As I was listening to this, my eyes lit up and verbally responded. ‘Yes!’ 

Because I had similar things except mine, came/interrupted my meditations

It was a flash of scenes in the mountains of northern Italy. I’d never seen it before but knew it was northern Italy, and like Wayne, I had no idea why I was seeing it because northern Italy had never been on my travel radar.

Over the next few months and years (approximately 4), I had lots of flash visions of different areas in Northern Italy, and I always knew it was the same area.

By now, the implementation of simple and easy techniques on a daily basis had opened up to me having some trust in the universe, so the gut feelings/intuition had become stronger, and I was more confident in listening to what my inner self was saying.

Continuing to use those hunches and Google, I nearly fell off my chair when I found the exact castle that I had seen in one of my flash visions. And the reason why I know it was the same castle was because it had an unusually winding path leading up to it. 

To me, this was completely illogical, because castles were built on the edge of cliffs to prevent marauders, not welcome them in, but there it was in clear drone footage!

This is when I decided to bite the bullet, step out of my comfort zone, and booked flights to travel to Northern Italy.

donna arnold in northern italy as what she manifested in her visions

Just a bit of a backstory, if you don’t know me.

I am quite comfortable travelling anywhere in Australia—from Melbourne to Brisbane, Brisbane to the Whitsunday Islands, onto Townsville/Innisfail, Broome to Perth, and some in betweens because I know that if I didn’t like where I am, at any time I could just jump in my car and go home.

But travelling overseas was a completely different story. I could not and would not travel overseas alone. So, if I had no one to travel with, I just didn’t go, and my dreams will be put on hold.

Over a period of 2 weeks, not knowing what was safe or not, pushing out of my comfort zone multiple times, I visited 10 (unknown to me) towns/cities, realised at least six of the scenes I had received years prior, had discussions with strangers, and ate fresh goat cheese with a farmer in his home whom I had never met before.

Walking in every town/city was my key mode of transport, plus I wandered for hours through European forests, following the occasional signpost and using only my intuition.

And like Wayne, there was a lesson or experience that was brought to my attention, as I had conquered some major fears and learnt to trust in the universe, as it will never lead you astray.

Continuing my daily morning ritual of the simple and easy techniques that I’ve implemented, I am constantly manifesting now and am so grateful.

Want to start manifesting your own story

Real Magic. They are real!

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