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Leap of Faith – How to Know the Signs


Below are examples of the type of signs that suggest to take the leap of faith so how do you know if it is a sign?

Have you ever had the feeling after something had happened you’re saying to yourself

 ‘I knew I shouldn’t have done that. My gut feeling told me not to do that’.

For most of us we’ve had it happen. 

I remember a time when I was meditating a lot and I was receiving lots of clues but not being the cryptic person I didn’t understand them. 

I had no idea as my usual thing was to wait for it to be laid out in fromt of me.

A few days later, while stopped at a red light I watched a bus turn in front of me and head down the road.  The advertising on its read: 

Are you letting an opportunity Pass you by?


There were multiple signs in fact.

In response to reading that I said ‘Of course! I just don’t know what it is!’

Watching that bus drive awaywas , there was also another sign. I’ve missed the bus.

All of this was around the time when work was driving me crazy – To leave or Not to leave.

To add to this, I was approached by an old manager with a great job offer but I turned it down simply because it meant working interstate.

It was an extremely strong sign. That was my opportunity because that job had come to me!

So why didn’t I take it? It felt right.

Mainly because, I didn’t know what the future looked like.

I didn’t know where I would live or how my marriage would cope.

There was the fear of the job not working out and being unemployed as this was a repeat pattern for me. I always put myself last and made others the priority.

Eventually, I took a job that had lower pay and the marriage ended anyway so the reasons for saying no to the job the opportunity that came to me was moot.

Have you felt yourself struggling trying NOT to do something when your body was sayingg: Do it? 

This sensation was so strong and I truly struggled to prevent myself from emailing the boss – SEE YA!

And all because I didn’t have the security of knowing what would happen or where I’d be going to, I would not take the leap.

Back then I expected to have all the answers placed out in front of me but it just doesn’t work that way.

Looking back I could see what the universe was doing.

If I had let go and trusted my intuition (taken the leap) I would have walked straight into another better job.

They were examples of signs that were very clear.

What do you want to do with your life? Soar or stay grounded.

Signs can come in varying forms and for me, multiples of three means; listen up!

If they appear via animals in multiples or of seeing one in a surrounding that just didn’t make sense there’ll be a spiritual meaning and symbols are another and often very good signs.

Take note of synchronicities – there’s a message for you. It may not be just a coincidence.

Start reading books and doing research as there is plenty of information and you just go with what feels right for you.

One thing to remember is the universe will never steer you wrong.

Fear rises simply because it’s unknown and just covers the truth of the future to keep you in your comfort zone even if you know you are miserable most of the time so listen to your inner guidance and take that leap of faith.

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