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How to Be Brave Enough

A time for self discovery. middle aged woman walking alone. Starting a new life.

It’s a crazy thing to do. Or was it? How was she going to be brave enough to go through with it as his time is about self discovery? And making that decision an be scary.

It is sad though. So much is passing her by because she didn’t have a vision of what she wanted to be, do or have.

She was never shown or taught how to focus on what she wanted to do with her life, missing out on opportunities for self-discovery.

Her parents had their own issues and were struggling to stay afloat mentally above the litres of alcohol and swill, so she simply reacted, repelled, or became entangled in whatever came her way.

Years go by, and just like a tree in the forest, she grew, seeded, developed saplings, and is now mature.

Her life was simply about repeating a tried method, but it was not necessarily joyous, and while she continued to experience major troughs with limited peaks, she opted for what she knew (her comfort zone). 

Like the tree in the forest, her life followed the seasons: losing what no longer served her and then a little bit of renewal.

Does this sound familiar to you?

As you grew up, there were probably things and activities that you saw or heard about and thought…

  • ’I could do that’.
  • ‘I’d like to do that’.

But I didn’t really think much more about it.

At this stage, it’s just a tiny little seed, so it needs to be nurtured. But how? 

Unfortunately, because you were never guided as to what to do, it was all pushed aside and slowly buried because of day-to-day living, then eventually forgotten. 

If you haven’t been shown or given tips and hints of what can be offered to you, it’s not likely to come to you naturally, hindering your path to self-discovery.

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

Is that really living though?

It’s never too late until it is

middle aged superwoman

The best thing for everyone to know is that it is never too late to take on that journey of self-discovery to be, do, and have what you want!

At the age of sixty, this woman has achieved so many amazing things in such a short period of time. 

If someone had told her back when she was 40–50 that the following things would be some of her life experiences, she would not have believed them.

  • She would be taking a cruise that she booked and paid for herself while staying in a suite.
  • She confronted and made peace with her past, and now she accepts the health issues it created.
  • Her 55-year-old fear of churches no longer existed! Poof, gone!
  • She stopped allowing people to treat her undeservingly and walked away from relationships that no longer served her.
  • (Being loud does not mean it prevents you from being taken advantage of, being criticised and ridiculed or being used as a doormat.)
  • She manifested $$ to purchase a new car as well as taking on new and valuable education and business skills 
  • She would travel to Italy all… by… herself, stepped out of her comfortable zone.
  • Staying and visiting ten never-been-to towns that she only knew existed 10 months earlier
  • She used all modes of transport over a period of 14 days by herself. There was no one standing and waiting for her, holding a sign with her name.
  • She learned to listen to her intuition every step of the way.

Remarkable feats one after another

girl at viewing platform as she embark a journey to self discovery
  • A major triumph was that she achieved a physical summit complete with a viewing platform and a flag—being higher than the clouds and completely exposed to the elements. 

There was  ‘buggerall’ protection at 1400m except for an old timber farm fence on one side where there was a sheer drop and the other was a steep grassy incline that continued for at least 50m where it met a dirt track. 

Surely it would stop a dumpy woman from tumbling any further.

  • So many days were spent exploring and walking through European forests for hours, only relying on the occasional sign posts and not knowing or even considering if there were bears or other nasties.
  • Having faith in mankind and dining in a stranger’s home who she had never even spoken to before.
  • Alone, following ancient trails alongside high alpine meadows that led to quiet, unknown villages, and learning to navigate how to find her way to the familiarity of the railway station where she originally disembarked.
  • Confronting major unknown cities with populations of 1.5 million. 
  • Dare she ask for help, as it would expose her vulnerability? (Afterall, her pride was at stake here.)
  • Tackling the maze of stairs and passageways of underground city train stations, malls, and shops, all the while not being able to see 3 feet in front of her or read signs to find her way out. The crowds of people were at least six inches taller than this woman, as her genetic makeup included a height of (or lack of) 5’1”.
  • She coped with cancellations due to natural disasters so quickly, needing to reassess what to do next. Each challenge was a step in her journey of self-discovery.

Time to trust your gut

Every step was incredibly challenging for someone who had a lifetime fear of travelling overseas alone. Yet this crusade was extremely euphoric!

Quite often, as she roamed new territory, she thought about explorers from hundreds of years ago and wondered if she was a reincarnation of one of them. 

This was a venture where she had to learn to have faith and trust in herself because, due to her horrendous childhood experiences, she felt that she was left with one thing. Her own thinking about how to deal with the logical facts that surrounded her.

It was time to believe in her inner knowing—her intuition.

Now that she is safe and back in her familiar home environment, the challenge is:

Would she do it again?

You bet her hiking boots she would!! In an instant!

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