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How to Enter the Room Without Feeling Fear!!


There was once a time when walking into a room of people and then left standing by myself, feeling very alone and extremely vulnerable was a standard thing for me so when I attended one recently I didn’t realise how easy that was going to be because for the 1st time ever there were no inhibitions or fear!

magic of rebirth overcoming the fear of mingling

My simple daily practise has paid off immensely as this particular ‘mingling’ issue was never even considered to be something that could be changed.

I continue to be amazed at how crippling those past traumas have been to my everyday life and had I had known this decades ago… I can only imagine how different my relationships with family and friends could have been.

fear of mingling has me feel like a social butterfly

Can mingling have been this easy?

On this night the mingling was so easy!

Mixing with people I barely knew and rarely saw, seemed like I’d been doing it all of my life but it was NOT how my past 50-odd years had been.

While I loved the idea of going out and socialising, the point of actually going up to someone was terrifying to me so I would stay put and hope that someone would make tracks toward me.

During those ‘alone’ moments (that always seemed to be an eternity), I’d stand back and observe in wonder how these people could just go up to so many others all night and take up a conversation.

Sure. I could have conversations and a little Dutch courage helped but the constant nagging fear of being left ALONE at the end of the conversation and then not knowing what I’d do next was always ever-present and at times overwhelming.

one positive thought can help you think past of your fear of mingling

However, now feeling positive about myself and having the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone I flitted about like a social butterfly. 🦋

Plus, it was 20 minutes before I even thought about buying a drink!

It’s an amazing feeling to be free of the old negative thought patterns!

All it takes is small changes in how to look at things.

Simple and Easy Techniques

I was amazed that a couple of simple and easy techniques had made such a difference in my confidence and self-belief.

These techniques are available to learn through this website. Click here. There are multiple gifts to take away.

NOTE: Always believe in yourself as you can do anything that you desire at any age. 😊

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