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Drink Driving & Terrified. Know How to Heal from the Fear

For 4 years, it was a harrowing experience as my father drove (12, 11, 9 & 1 year old) home drunk. So for me, it was having to learn how to heal from the fear of drink driving.

magic of rebirth like healing from the fear of drink driving

The routine was always the same.

The weekend away, visiting the cousin’s family farm, had the last stop on Sunday at the local country pub. He never considered safety and definitely wasn’t aware of the fear that engulfed me when he engaged in drink driving.

There were no drink driving laws back then.

There were also no dual highways either so the possibility of a serious car accident was very real. They occurred every weekend across the country and it was a question of timing and which road will it be next?

Climb into the while drink driving

Knowing what was coming up, at the time of heading home, my routine was to climb into the back of the family station waggon and lay in embryo position for 3 long hours, hoping and wishing for a safe, incedent free trip.

When day turned into night, things got worse. I saw the flashing lights of passing cars and heard the grumbling of my father blaming the other driver every time he slammed the brakes. 

fear I got from drink driving

My nervous system was in tatters by the end.

This is one of the reasons why I swore that I would NOT be an alcoholic like both of my parents.

And I kept my word.

my dream journal helped me stayed with my word

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you like to look at it, I was a resilient child so subconsciously, I simply pushed it down and out of my mind after that evening had passed.

My life was normal from drink driving

Believing my life was ‘normal’, I continued to grow up unaware of the deep-seated damage that drink driving had caused.

Fifty years later, I can now clearly see the ramifications of this repetitive event. Plus, in combination with other childhood experiences how the emotional scarring has extended and affected my relationships with my family especially my children.

alone girl by the lake

So, it’s now the next generation having to deal with the unintentional emotional wake of my scarring.

There are so many lives that are affected by similar traumatic events. If left unattended, this emotional scarring can cripple future and their family’s lives.

I now know that it doesn’t have to be like that!

ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences

Understanding ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) I can now release and disconnect the emotional hurt and pain from the past memory. This then allows me to be able to live a happy life with self-esteem.

I now know that I am deserving of anything I desire.

The success that has been obtained over a short period of time using simple and easy techniques has been amazing!

Constantly, I’m blown away by the extent of positive changes in my personality. Plus, others have also noticed so happiness is the whole focus, which is paying immensley.

Wouldn’t it be better to know how to change emotional thought patterns at an earlier age?

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