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Donna arnold

Core Values

Integrity Accountability Reliability

Due to understanding the depth of her own personal experiences and seeing the depth of the ramifications of her relationships with her children, family and friends, Donna Arnold feels there needs to be a voice to help others who have been exposed to toxic family environments.
Family relationships tend not to bounce back – they shatter like glass.
Now is the time to help those silent victims – Not wait for a few decades to pass.
Donna speaks to audiences to expand their understanding about about how they can use simple & safe techniques/suggestions to help that special person in their life.

People living with traumatic events

About Donna Arnold

White sand beach with palm trees
Aitutaki, Cook Islands – A dream location

Passionate about travel and discovering ancestor stories, Donna always has her camera primed and ready to snap photos where ever she goes. With itineraries prepared and her suitcase within quick, easy reach she is able to head out the door to explore the next destination at short notice.

My dream box 01

After realising the need for support to those who are suffering, Donna is helping people to understand they are not alone and how they can minimise the impact of that trauma so their life trajectory can change to lead them to achieving their goals as well as making everyone be aware of why people are the way they are..

Donna Arnold contact information
Too often

Too often, people are not aware of the long term effects from the exposure of a toxic household as a child due to DV, the addiction of alcohol and or drugs and many other traumatic experiences.

These people are living with emotional scarring & if left unattended this emotional scarring could cripple their future relationships and chances for happiness:

And it doesn’t have to be like that!

My dream box vision

Because of her own personal experiences, Donna Arnold now speaks to audiences to expand their understanding about about how they can use simple & safe techniques to help that special person in their life.

Donna regularly holds Workshops & Retreats as well as Public Speaking.

My dream box mission

Personal Goals

As far back as she can remember as a young girl, Donna had the dream of travelling the world!

Every now & then, she would hear a loving soft whisper…

So all of her dreams were focused on being an International Air Hostess unfortuntely the universe had other plans apparently, as she didn’t grow tall enough.

The Story Hunter

Unique & Boutique Private & Personalised research ‘on location’

I create UNIQUE Ancestor journies where you reveal your families’ hidden treasures through stepping into a timeline of your choosing.

The dream of travelling the world N E V E R left her. For over a decade Donna was a Travel Consultant so with her experience in the travel industry her focus is about researching ancestors on location!

Hers or yours!

Do you need someone to show you around where your ancestors lived?

For a lot of us, it’s daunting to travel alone especially as a middle aged woman, so Donna loves to share the discoveries of your ancestors with you.

And… there might even be some surprises that she finds!!

You could meet distant cousins or you might hear some wonderful stories about your ancestors!


The story hunter


Donna’s other love is helping abandonded and mistreated animals and donating to the welfares that care for them. Animals need a voice for when they need help and she is not adverse to speaking out.

Her thoughts go out to the drought affected areas and thought it would be fantastic to have huge amounts of land in areas where there is plenty of water so farm animals could agist until their owners’ worlds change and rescue animals can live until they find a ‘home’.

Due to Donna learning first hand of how the trauma from childhood stays with us and the emotional scarring can cripple future relationships, lives and dreams, Donna has a vision to see people re-ignite the happiness they once felt.

There are simple and safe ways that will serve people at any age – no matter how old they are when they choose to take it on board.

This is simple practice that will re-direct their focus towards what ever goals and dreams they have.

A personally painful passion for Donna is to help more people who are emotionally struggling due to their home environment and this is why Dream Creator was born.

Dream creator workshop by my dream box

Touch base

So please don’t be one of those people who stand back and watch a child go through traumatic circumstances and then just have your fingers crossed hoping that they will turn out OK!

Chances are they will NOT!

Even if it is only one thing that you do, is to have a private chat with Donna, your action just might be the momentum the young person needs to change his or her life trajectory because Donna strongly believes if you are reading this you WILL make a difference!

My dream box

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