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Deluxe My Dream Box

Designed with everything that you need, the Deluxe My Dream Box can help you achieve those goals, dreams to be happy, and successful in whatever you choose to do.

It’s the perfect solution to give a number of tools and modalities a try without going to huge expense!

When you receive your Deluxe My Dream Box, trial each item in the box for at least 2 weeks. Work with them and get a true feeling of how comfortable it is for you.

If it works, great!

You can then focus on those specific items. Then, expand your knowledge on how they can help you reach those dreams and goals

If not, try another tool for a couple of weeks and see how you feel with it.

While each Deluxe My Dream Box is unique by varying shapes and sizing of content, they all include:

Deluxe my dream box items 01
  • a journal & pen to keep a reminder of those dreams and goals so from time to time look back to see how far you’ve come
  • a dreamcatcher that is designed to suit numerous locations to work best for you
  • 2 x very special decks of oracles that will help guide you to whatever you wish to be, do, have
  • unique dreams & goals cards that assist in reminding you through your busy day of your what it is you want
  • a piece of jewelery that you will love and want to wear every day because of how it makes you feel
  • multiple crystals that will assist, support & strengthen the work that you are doing to reach those goals that are specific to you

PLUS! There are varying BONUS items that will lift your energies to be open to receiving love, happiness and positivity – all of which leads you to your visions!

This amazing beautifully presented package that is full of soo many tools crystals, oracles, cards and so much more to help guide you or that someone special to achieve success and happiness forever!

This Deluxe My Dream Box is perfect for:

  • Birthday & Christmas Gifts
  • Raffle prize at a function
  • Competition Gift
Deluxe my dream box items 02

Includes FREE ACCESS to the MDBx Members area where there are affirmations, ideas all to help you on your journey to achieve your dreams and goals.

What young person would say no to this gorgeous gift?

Get one for yourself as everything is easily stored for personal use and building your personal energies.

Deluxe my dream box items 03

It’s new to the My Dream Box website so more work is to be done here. But it’s ready to order now!

If you’d like to know more please contact me here.

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