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DIY Deluxe My Dream Box

How to DIY Deluxe My Dream Box to achieve goals, wealth and happiness? Create for yourself or give as a lasting forever gift to someone special with love.

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  • Simple instructions
  • Multiple extras that you can expand on
The magic of rebirth by my dream box

It comes with downloadable pdfs:

  • MDBx ‘I believe in myself…’ card where there is space on the back for you to write down your most important dreams and goals. Then you can carry with you every day in your pocket.
  • A list of suggested tools to add to your DIY Deluxe My Dream Box. Try these along with information on how they can assist you on your journey.
  • There are also links to reputable websites. So, you can expand and grow your understanding of this positive and subtly healing practice.
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Free access to MBDx member area to assist with ideas and how to move forward to achive your dreams and goals.

To help with continuing and expanding the journey of success with reaching those goals, wealth, and happiness in every area of your life.

No Time to DIY Deluxe My Dream Box?

The Deluxe My Dream Box is available and is excellent value!

A version for kids, Little Miss Wish Kit offers a curated assortment of tools and resources to channel their imagination. Paired with this enchanting kit, My Dream Journal seamlessly complements the experience by guiding minds to vividly visualize their dreams, goals, and wishes.

As a gift that special someone will love it! Just click on the rose.


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