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How to Overcome Fear of Churches:

Not all Shadows are Reflections of the Stained Glass What does the term ‘church’ mean to us? Are they simply structures with a cross affixed to their facade to distinguish one public building from another? Are they a refuge for all, a space where our community gathers for both joyous occasions and moments of sadness? Perhaps some prefer to see… Read More »How to Overcome Fear of Churches:

A time for self discovery. middle aged woman walking alone. Starting a new life.

How to Be Brave Enough

It’s a crazy thing to do. Or was it? How was she going to be brave enough to go through with it as his time is about self discovery? And making that decision an be scary. It is sad though. So much is passing her by because she didn’t have a vision of what she wanted to be, do or… Read More »How to Be Brave Enough

beer umbrella

How do You Wish Happy Birthday When You Don’t Want to?

Does it really matter? When her mother left her while she was young, she didn’t realise that it would mark an unexpected turning point in her life where enough is enough and how different her life was going to be. Even though there was regular arguing between her parents and they always drank, her immediate thought was finally some peace… Read More »How do You Wish Happy Birthday When You Don’t Want to?

9 Solfeggio Frequencies

How to use the Healing Power of the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

Finding moments of calm and harmony in a noisy, chaotic world can seem like a pipe dream. However, what if I told you that the spectrum of sound itself holds the secret to inner harmony? Discover the intriguing world of 9 Solfeggio frequencies, a collection of nine unique tones that can uplift, heal, and relax the body and mind. So… Read More »How to use the Healing Power of the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

adverse childhood experiences or ACEs

How to Deal with Name Calling?

As kids, we hear others and ourselves being called names that can sometimes hurt and most of us we deal with it but did it really go away? Is it a form of bullying and does this come from that name-caller being a silent victim of a traumatic event, aka ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)? He Called Me a Redneck! Pfft.… Read More »How to Deal with Name Calling?

real magic

Real Magic – He Was Right!

When I realised that what he said was right and I had the same, I was excited! He was right!! Manifesting magic works. I am in complete awe of what I achieved after stepping out of my comfort zone.  And it didn’t hurt one bit! I remember reading/listening on audible Doctor Wayne Dyer’s book Real Magic, and in it, he… Read More »Real Magic – He Was Right!

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