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To see a massive reduction in ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) related suffering in adults so they too can live with loving and happy relationships and be do achieve their dreams.
After living the experiences, I now help the silent victims of traumatic events recognise and break down the barriers & limiting beliefs that block them from achieving their dreams & desires.

Public Speaking

ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences – children witnessing or experiencing traumatic events in the home environments. Researchers have found that 70% of children have experienced more than 3 of 10 ACEs. Subconsciously the emotional hurt …

1 to 1 Coaching

As with any new habit, the start is the most difficult and important so to ensure and assist you with moving forward on the new journey we have programs designed with you in mind. To understand why and what it can do for you they are as uniques as your needs…

Workshops & Zooms

We help the silent victims of traumatic events recognise and break down the barriers & limiting beliefs that block them from achieving their dreams & desires. Do you feel more comfortable in a small group setting? We have live workshops and Zoom group sessions.

Get FREE access to meditations, PDFs, affirmations, videos, podcast and so much other information to help you focus on your dreams and desires.

Dear Sweet Inner Child,

When I look back at the things you went through my heart goes out to you and while you thought that these constant traumatic moments were normal, they are not.

Her Story

She was feeling as though her world was falling apart.

The hurt, pain and anger had ultimately left her with constant sadness.

No-one was available for her, to understand her pain.

No-one was there to hug her to tell her everything was going to be alright.

little miss wish kits by my dream box

She felt empty inside.

And so alone.

Her world was void of any self love but there was plenty of self punishment.

Her mind was stuck on a merry-go-round of negative memories, emotions and a belief of not deserving or good enough.

So much so that there was no room left for happy thoughts.

All she needed was someone who would be there for her or something that would help her to get through that heavy burden and sadness she was carrying and to help her feel happy again.

If only she had something personal and private that was solely for her.

A tangible item that she could reach for, go to, to keep sacred for when those darker days had her slipping backwards instead of punishing herself.

Day after day she just drifted.

The sadness dominated her world and any dreams of the future were no longer there or buried so deep she rarely thought about them.

When she looks deep within, she can see a world of fun and excitement!

How could she change her world and feel some inkling of happiness when there was no-one to help her?

Learning about a simple practice of self help as a young person could have prevented so many years of angst and suffering for her and the people around her.

The world would have experienced a much different person where she would have been creating wonderful memories of love and happiness.

As a mature woman having this knowledge and tools has worked wonders in releasing pent up negative emotions and allowing a happier, lighter and freer person to reveal herself.

To begin using these tools at a much younger age could have seen her achieving her dreams and living a happier life and simply because she would have been expressing happy emotions more often.

Her dreams, the things she wanted to do in her life seemed soo out of reach

Follow these positive practices. As you grow, it can help you become a happier loving adult. A life where dreams can be achieved.

more of her story below…

my dream box
My Dream Box has items designed to help those aged 13-18 years
little miss wish kits by my dream box
My Dream Box has a special kit for ages 7-12 years.

Her Story

Why is it?

The Wrong Things Were Always Happening to Her.
Do you remember back as a young person when nothing seemed to be going your way?

Or… you were hurt by one of the most important people in your life?  

The world as you knew it and loved, felt as though it had imploded. You couldn’t understand why things weren’t the way they used to be.

And, will things ever be the same again?

You were so sad.

No-one understood what you were feeling.

No-one could or would help you as they were always too busy.

Click here to read more about how My Dream Box has started.

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